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December 1999 / January 2000
1999 Wammiesķ Nominees Washington Music Awards What's In A Name?
DC Grammy Nominations Local Notes New Releases
Music News Beyond The Region Workshops, Conferences
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Washington Music Awards

14th Annual Event Scheduled

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Omega Recording Studios, and WAMA will present the 1999 Wammie awards show at the Hilton Washington, International Ballroom, Sunday, February 6, 2000. The show will feature performances by; the J Street Jumpers; Ron Holloway Trio with Nicki Gonzalez; Honeypole; SEV; Patrick Alban & Noche Latina; John Jennings; a Charlie Byrd Tribute featuring Phil Mathieu, Myrna Sislen; The Kennedys with their new band members Ron Campbell and Steve Hansgen; pop/rock group Cecilia; Pat McGee Band; and The WAMA Orchestra led by Bob Dodelin and Wade Matthews.

Tickets are $20 for non-members, $15 Members. Nominees are entitled to a maximum of six tickets at $3 each and up to an additional ten tickets at $10 each. Tickets are available at all ProTix locations, by phone at 703-218-6500, and online at Nominee tickets are available only through WAMA at 703-237-9500.

What's In A Name?

A whole lot of hassles, according to Diana Quinn of local band The Towering Bouffants. „We‚ve learned that in this age you must be very careful about choosing your name and that money is a very powerful thing,š Quinn said, now that her band has agreed on the settlement of a lawsuit filed by Memphis band The Bouffants. The Towering Bouffants will not be required to pay any monetary compensation and will begin using a new moniker of The Fabulettes after December 31st in keeping with the settlement agreement. She added that the new Fabulettes will not abandon their bouffant hairstyles. „Having that silhouette of the three towers of hair walking down the street does a lot for our visibility,š laughed Quinn.

„It‚s definitely taking the fun out of it lately,š Quinn remarked of the suit. „We were happily playing in the Washington area with no visions of grandeur,š she said. „The object is to have fun and make people happy, and having someone come at us like that and actually file suit was a shock.š

The band sought out WAMA and WALA when the dispute began this year, and Quinn credits them for their assistance and guidance. Lawyer John Simson „was an immeasurable help to us,š Quinn said. „He was right there when we needed him, and he‚s a very calming and exceptional force in this whole matter,š she said. „As a WAMA resource, he‚s a gem,š Quinn said.

Filed on October 8 in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. the suit alleged that in addition to the name similarity, there are similarities between the two bands which „have caused and are likely to continue to cause confusion, mistake or deception as to the relationshipš between the two bands, and may „likely cause consumers to mistakenly believeš that the two bands are related. Both bands perform 60s girl group hits and are fronted by women who wear bouffant hairstyles and clothing of that era.

The suit sought unnamed monetary damages from The Towering Bouffants in addition to requiring The Towering Bouffants to change their name. Quinn and the other front women in the band, Melinda Root and Quinn‚s sister Jane, were listed as defendants and may have been liable for paying damages had the suit not been amicably settled. The women are backed by a four piece band with guitarist Mike Woods, pianist Mark Jefferson, bassist Kenny Bugg, and drummer Rob Howe, who were not named in the court papers.

Many bands think that the deciding factor in a name dispute is simply a matter of who has been using a name the longest. In this case, the disputing Memphis Bouffants had indeed been using the name longer, but they were able to file suit in Federal court because they had registered the name as a servicemark with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. That being the case, the suit was based on the fact that the name similarity was a violation of Federal copyright and trademark laws. The Towering Bouffants had not pursued that name protection, and Quinn said the band „really didn‚t have any choiceš in agreeing to settle the suit. According to the U.S. Patent & Trademark database on the internet, The Bouffants filed for the service mark February 6, 1998 and the mark was officially registered on January 12, 1999. The same database entry shows that The Bouffants state that they had been using the name since January, 1989.

These recent difficulties haven‚t been a complete wet blanket to The Towering Bouffants, though. As the Fabulettes, the band has plans to begin performing a wider variety of material including original songs as well songs by local artists, and plans are in the works for a CD project in 2000.

„The band right now is really rolling. We‚re playing some wonderful parties and people are certainly seeking us out and I really feel that we‚re on the edge of success,š Quinn said. The suit, she said, „is a stone in our path. Someone threw a rock in our way but we‚re kicking it out of the way and going on.š In other Fabulettes news, the group is now auditioning for a new girl singer. Those interested can email the group at

DC Grammy Nominations

Local folks receiving nominations included The Washington Chorus, Maryland Boys Choir and Washington Orchestra for Bejamin Britten's "War Requiem" (best choral performance); conductor Robert Shafer, pianist Lambert Orkis, supporting violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter on "Beethoven: The Violin Sonatas" (best classical album); Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys with Jim Lauderdale for "I Feel Like Singing Today" (best bluegrass album); the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (best instrumental soloists performance with orchestra); Washington Opera head Placido Domingo for "100 Adios De Mariachi" (best Mexican-American performance). Washington scored best in the category of musical album for children, with three of the five nominations: Dinorock's "Dreamsauraus," produced by Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer; John McCutcheon's "Four Seasons: Springsongs," produced by McCutcheon and Bob Dawson; and Ella Jenkins' "Ella Jenkins and a Union of Friends Pulling Together," released on Smithsonian Folkways.

Curt Wittig for Best Engineered album, CRI Recording, Crumb: Ancient Voices of Children Etc. Also included was WAMA member Dave Matthews for his appearance with Santana and from just outside WAMA country, Bruce Hornsby.

Local Notes

  • After a six month nationwide search by the editors of the Washington Post Style Section, Richard Harrington is being replaced on February 1 by David Segal. Segal, a writer for the Post business section, will bring to the music section his experience writing a column about lawyers.
  • Seaport Inn will be closed for good on Dec. 31. For about 40 years, Seaport has been a fixture in Old Town Alex, and they‚ve been a mainstay of the solo acoustic scene for decades.
  • The Kennedys (Pete & Maura) are forming a band. On bass guitar and vocal harmony is Steve Hansgen, who is a Washington DC native. He played bass with the band Minor Threat. On a stand-up drum kit and vocal harmony, from the band Love Riot, is Ron Campbell, from Baltimore. Ron reportedly sings harmonies higher than Maura‚s parts!
  • Marquet Mathis to head new DC label called Soul 7 Entertainment. He was the former A/R representative for Teddy Riley and for Michael Jackson‚s label MJJ.
  • Michael Fath signed a contract with, an internet magazine, to do „contemporary hot countryš guitar lessons on a monthly basis, with real audio. The first couple are now up and running. This magazine was recently featured in The Washington Post business section and was a corporate sponsor of the recent Country Music Association Awards in Nashville. Maurice Capone, of the Furies, was on his way to a gig when he suffered a heart attack. After undergoing double bypass surgury he is doing well and says that he has given up smoking.
  • The Grandsons made „#5 most addedš on The Gavin Report‚s Americana radio chart in a three way tie for that honor with Trout Fishing In America and The Mavericks.
  • After 11 years as Rest Area and then Big Village the group is calling it quits. The individual members will continue with their many projects. Rachel & Jaqui have been performing as a duet, Wammie nominees for Folk - Contemporary duo for the past three years.
  • Since the release of the CD Music Box, Pamelody and WAMA member Rick Lutyk have been gaining recognition worldwide. The CD is currently being played on 100+ stations in Europe and Japan on the Country Star International label. Since its entry onto, Where do I Stand(before I fall) and Country Girl shot up to #1 on their country charts.
  • A Scottish Christmas booked a 17-city national tour with Mainstage Booking Agency for December. It Featured Bonnie Rideout, Maggie Sansone, Al Petteway and with guests on pipes, drums and traditional dancers. The ensemble show, produced by Maggie Sansone with Bonnie Rideout as Music Director was featured on CBS-TV Sunday Morning and the music is from the album of the same name which won the Wammie for Celtic Recording. Local venues include the National Geographic Society and the Kennedy Center Concert Hall. Call Maggie‚s Music (410)268-3394.
  • Melodee Music, on Route 7 in Sterling, has moved to a new building with a 100-seat auditorium. This room has a fine stage, good lights, good sound, and a grand piano. The audience enjoys tiered theater-style seating, and the parking is easy. The concert series will feature well-known performers who are touring through our area (or who just happen to live here), with high-quality local performers as opening acts.
  • Falls Church native/Nighthawks alum./Sea Level co-founder/Nashville session whiz, guitarist Jimmy Nalls was diagnosed with Parkinson‚s Disease in 1995. Jimmy has vowed to fight and continue playing. This year Jimmy released his first solo cd Ain‚t No Stranger on MRL Records. Borders Books and Records will donate 1$ from each sale of this CD to a research grant that has been established in his name.
  • Sunday night at the Crossroads in Bladensburg, MD, Bobby Parker will start what hopefully will become a series titled Blues at the Crossroads. Emcee for the night will be Nap „Don‚t Forget the Bluesš Turner. As of late Crossroads has been a World Music/Reggae Club but Bobby convinced the owners to give him a shot. The Crosssroads was where Roy Buchanon held court for a number of years in the 60‚s on into the early seventies. At the time, Bobby Parker also had a regular gig across the street but could not come into the club due to the atmosphere of the day. Roy, however, would often go across the street to jam with Bobby.
  • A source at the Washington Post tells us that Alona Wartofsky will soon be leaving the newspaper. Venus Rising, founding member Susan Waldrip is leaving the group. Venus will still be Rising as the duo Nancy Magill and Margaret Wolfe.
  • Rare Essence, Washington DC based Go Go group is suing Jay-Z for copyright infringement and plagiarizing. They're claiming Jay-Z did some generous borrowing on the song Do It Again [Put Ya hands Up]. Attorneys for the group are stating that Jay-Z lifted portions from the Rare Essence cut Overnight Scenario which is still popular within Go Go circles and the DC area. In addition to money, Rare Essence wants writing and production credit.

New Releases

  • Steve Vai (Zappa, White Snake, David Lee Roth) and Ray Sheer, founder Guitar Center have formed a new label, Favored Nations. One of the first new albums from the label will be the Danny Gatton Tribute Album, produced by Mack Wilson and mixed by Bil VornDick and Doug Derryberry. The album was recorded at the Birchmere and included; Vince Gill, Rodney Crowell, Steve Earl, Albert Lee, Bill Kirchen, John Jennings Pete & Maura Kennedy, Steve Wolf, Dave Chappel, Tom Principato, Amos Garrett and more.
  • The self-titled Suzanne Brindamour CD has been released.
  • Performing songwriter Jeff Crowder has just released his latest CD Jeff Crowder. Using 6- and 12-string acoustic guitars, Crowder offers up 10 new originals, some cuts with vocal/guitar only and others with a full band sound. Backed by Les Lentz on drums, these tracks showcase Crowder‚s loyalty to a őlive‚ sound.
  • Clara Landauős album Watch Me Dance, released in May, presents eight of her original songsųan eclectic blend of jazz, blues, and classical influences. Clara is currently working on a second CD, for release next spring.
  • The new release from the Orillyon Entertainment, the „Lex Orillyon - Da‚ Chameleon.š It is the first effort for CEO Lex Orillyon with his independent outfit. The album features 15 Hip Hop tracks. Visit for more information.
  • Celtic Mist: Quiet Moods from Ancient Lands is a new release from Maggie‚s Music. Celtic music drawn from the Maggie‚s Music catalog of 30 albums and seven recording artists including Karen Ashbrook, Bonnie Rideout, Al Petteway, Robin Bullock, Ceoltoiri Celtic Ensemble, Maggie Sansone and Sue Richards. Maggie‚s Music is at the forefront of the chamber folk sound and Billboard magazine recently said of the label, „The Celtic invasion is here! Maggie‚s Music is a label that has pushed the definitions of traditional Irish music with New Age - flavored recordings.š For more info: Maggie‚s Music, PO BOX 4144, Annapolis, MD, 21403 (410)268-3394;;
  • Mercy Creek announced that there first full length album has been completed. The album will be self titled, Mercy Creek. Produced in the hands and ears of Paul Mahern (John Mellencamp).
  • Wampeters have a brand new CD, Murder Your Darlings on Wampus Records. Visit their website at, complete with Flash animation, sure to bring you countless moments of web surfing pleasure.
  • Spur has released their new CD Let‚s All Go! Spur‚s third release, is a thirteen track CD that continues to showcase their own brand of supercharged rock. Spur also contributed an original Christmas song to The Santa Cause which is releasing a Childrens‚ Hospital Benefit CD.The song is titled Merry Christmas (Ho Ho).
  • Xyra & Verborgen‚s Frightening Beauty CD release, and the last Winter Solstice of the century, was celebrated at Blues Alley in December. Sample the title cut
  • TMOTTGoGo Magazine has delivered a special Christmas program Go-Go style presenting tunes by groups such as Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, Junkyard, Northeast Groovers and Pleasure. The first cut, This Christmas, included the collaborations of (in order of appeareance) Bruce (formally of Backyard), Scooter Dancy (of The Soul Patrol), Donnell Floyd (of Rare Essence), Little Benny & DC, Bryan Baucum (of Hot Cold Sweat), Godfava (of The Legends), Gene Pratt (formally of JY), Big Tony (of Trouble Funk), Weensey (of Backyard), Tam (of Pleasure), Buggs (of JY), Jas. Funk, Michael Muse, Blue Eye Darrell (of The Legends), Go-Go Mickey (of Rare Essence), Chuck Brown, Andre „Whiteboyš Johnson (of RE), Ivan Goff (of EU), Roy Battle (producer), and Billy Jones. Visit TMOTTGoGo at
  • Rachel & Jaqui released a CD called Excitable Little Neighbors, self produced and recorded/engineered by Henry Cross.
  • Dave Sherman & The Nightcrawlers just finished recording and mixing their first release entitled Bad Boy. It will be out in February and will contain twelve tunes, nine of which are originals. It was recorded at Go Digitial. Produced by Dave Sherman and Timm Biery. Recorded and Mixed by Timm Biery. Assistant Engineer: Barry Kukowski. Mastering by Wolf Productions. Cover art by Dick Bangham.
  • Janine Wilson‚s The Blue Album was recorded at Don McCalister‚s Biscuit Boy Studio in Austin, Texas, with Jesse Taylor, Don McCalister, Charlie Larkey, Ernie Durawa, Floyd Domino, former „The Thangsš guitarist Max Evans, and The Westside Horns, Al Gomez and Rocky Morales.
  • Hungry for Music, in conjunction with Night of 100 Elvises, has released a compilation CD in the spirit of the Night of 100 Elvises annual show in Baltimore. Artists include: Hula Monsters (Rock-A-Hula Baby), Jumpin‚ Jupiter (Do the Clam), Honky Tonk Confidential (A Fool Such As I), The Hidden Persuaders (Clambake Medley), Jeff Sarli & the Putouts (Blue Moon), Monsters from the Surf (King Creole), and Janine Wilson (Viva Las Vegas).
  • Hungry for Music has also released it‚s fourth volume of holiday songs called A Holiday Feast IV. Artists include: Blue Moon Cowgirls (Call Collect for Christmas), Honky Tonk Confidential (Santa‚s Got That Old T.B.), Colleen Shanley & the Bloodhounds (Christmas in the Rain), Rick Whitehead (Walking in a Winter Wonderland), Cindy Cain & Janine Wilson (Christmas in September), Virginia Veatch Lawrence ( It‚s Christmas Time), and Louisiana Sugar Kings (Zydeco New Year). Hungry for Music has giving it‚s website a facelift thanks to web surgeon Sara Landymore at
  • Cravin‚ Dogs are putting the finishing touches on there 6th CD entitled Roots Rock Paper Scissors. The CD Release party will be February 19, 2000 at The Barns of Wolf Trap; Cecilia will be playing an opening set.
  • WAMA member Jeff Talmadge‚s CD, Secret Anniversaries charted at No. 16 on the Crossroads folk/roots chart for the Fall of 1999.
  • The Alpha Dog Record Group released DC based Congregation‚s first full length LP, Urban Philosophy. Taking the backbeat of hip-hop, jazz, and soul, spicing it up with phat 70‚s bass, stirring in some wah-guitar, Rhodes and Hammond keyboards, Stax-inspired horns, Latin-tinged percussion, and powerful layered vocals.
  • With 9 consecutive national tours performing, arranging, and co-writing hit songs on MCA Records with pop legend Jimmy Buffet, WAMA member, saxophonist, arranger, and composer Amy Lee announces the release of her debut solo CD titled Inside the Outside.
  • Barbara Martin celebrated the release of recent recording, A Different View, with a concert at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage this past November. While Martin has featured blues on her last three recordings, her latest release represents a departure from her country/folk slant to a focus on blues and jazz.
  • Songwriter‚s Association of Washington (SAW) President Eric Eckl‚s latest EP, Who? Where? is a collection of 4 songs that includes his concert favorite, Metro of the Damned. Eric is promoting the recording and his unique brand of acoustic American at performances in the Washington area and throughout the Mid Atlantic Region.
  • True Stories, Total Fabrications, the debut CD from singer/songwriter John Fahres, is now available on-line at and, and in the Baltimore area at all 10 Record and Tape Trader location, and at Sound Garden in Fells Point. The 12 track CD features all-original tunes that fall easily into the folk-rock category, and features appearances by Ron Campbell and Willem Elzevir of Love Riot, The Remnants, and more.
  • The Lesbian & Gay Chorus of Washington, DC (LGCW), under the direction of Ray Killian, has released its third CD titled LGCW LIVE! The CD - released as a final celebratory note of the LGCW‚s 15th Anniversary Year - contains 18 selections of choral music that takes the listener on a voyage that includes Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Y.M. Barnwell, Persichetti, Paul Simon, Robert Shaw, and David Maddux among others.
  • Morgan Rowe just released her debut CD A Night Like This which features 13 original songs that were recorded at Recording Arts Studio in Fairfax with Marco Delmar. With a warm alto, singer/songwriter Morgan Rowe conjures up some of today‚s best female voices, from Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls to Margo Timmons of the Cowboy Junkies.
  • Jim Houck‚s new release, Blue Ridge Kind of Love, is an all-original production with songs about Shenendoah Valley. Jim has played a wide variety of music ranging across polkas, jazz, rock, blues, folk, gospel, country, and theater.
  • The new CD by John "Scooter" Scudieri is being mastered by Roger Lian at Masterdisk in New York City. His latest credits include Powerman 5000, Rob Zombie, Mariah Carey, John Spencer Blues Explosion and GWAR and the graphic design is by Jared at Studio 105.
  • SEV just completed a four song demo at Recording Arts in Fairfax with acclaimed producer Jeff Juliano who has done work with Dave Mathews Band and Ben Folds Five. SEV is a high-energy, rap core band from Fairfax, VA with a large fan base. For details, visit
  • Elephant Boy - Live at Griffith Stadium - Recorded by Michael Sauri courtesy of LSP Recording.
  • Linda Hickman with Tabby Finch - The Windy Day.
  • Tom Principato - Live and Kickin‚ - Released by Powerhouse Records.
  • J.E.W.E.L. - Jesus‚ Enlightened Witnesses of Eternal Life - Distributed by Mystic Records - Recorded by Patrick Jackson and Royce Bouknight.
  • Reach for Tomorrow - 21st Century - Make it Happen - All songs written, produced, and arranged by Bill and Carol Haas.
  • Krewe of Renegades - Radiatin‚ Street Side - Recorded at Omega Studios - Produced and arranged by Rita and Richard Clarke for Sun Shyne Music Productions.
  • Jumpin‚ Jupiter - Ground Zero - Produced by Jeff Campbell, recorded and engineered by David Hayden and Jumpin‚ Jupiter.
  • Al Petteway & Amy White - Racing Hearts - Recorded at Fairewood Studios in Takoma Park, MD - Produced and recorded by Al Petteway and Amy White.
  • Kate Mesmer - Lifeline - Produced by Ron de la Vega - recorded and mixed by Bradley Hartman at Trace Sound, Franklin, TN.
  • Tyrone Powell - Relationship Project - Produced by Anthony Smith with Smith Gospel Music.
  • Jeremy De Prisco - Mandala - Released by Blue Buddha Records - Mixed and mastered by Ed Debes.
  • Geary R. Redmond - Falling Uphill - Released by G and A Music Projections.
  • Peter Janson - Across the Bridge - Engineered and mixed by Steve Hunt at the Kitchen.
  • Xyra & Verborgen - Shadows of Light - Recorded, mixed, and produced by Marco Delmar at Recording Arts Studios in Fairfax, VA.
  • Dean Shostak and Friends - Colonial Fair - Released by Coastline Music.
  • Mack Bailey - Through Your Eyes - Released by Spa Creek Music - Produced by Kris O‚Connor.
  • Edge City - Mystery Ride - Produced by Lloyd Maines - recorded and mastered by Fred Remmert at Cedar Creek Studios in Austin, TX.
  • Spur - Let‚s All Go! - Recorded at Disco Burrito Studios, produced by Scott Elliot.
  • Mary Chapin Carpentar - Party Doll and other Favorites - Produced by John Jennings and Mary Chapin Carpenter - released by Columbia.
  • Catfish Hodge - Twenty Years - Released by Chicken Legs Music.
  • Hesperus - Celtic Roots - Released by Maggie‚s Music.
  • The Windy City - Produced, mixed, and mastered by Michael DeLall at Falling Mountain Studio in Wincester, VA - Released by Falling Mountain Music.

  • Music News

    Marcia Lee Selko

    Marcia Lee Selko, 46, passed away peacefully at her home in Monkton, Maryland, December 17, 1999. Marcia was well known in the Blues community as the President of the Baltimore Blues Society, an avid blues fan, a veteran of many Blues Cruises and major festivals, an enthusiastic amateur Blues journalist, a promoter, an active networker among the nation‚s Blues societies, and as a friend to many artists, causes, and organizations. A sculptor, visual artist, collector, and patron of the arts, educated at the Maryland Institute of Art, Marcia was also very active in the Arts community, serving on the board of directors of Baltimore‚s Contemporary Art Museum.

    Marcia and her husband Brad, for the last eight years, have hosted the Hot August Blues Festival, which has greatly benefitted the Baltimore Blues Society and the Contemporary Museum. They were responsible for BBS‚s re-release on compact disc of Larry Johnson‚s 1972 album, „Fast and Funky,š and they acted as Larry Johnson‚s managers for a period when he re-emerged on the Blues scene with performances at various major Blues festivals in the U.S. and abroad, and at the House of Blues in Boston. Donations to the Cancer Foundation in Marcia‚s memory will be accepted by University of Maryland Hospital.

    New Arts Center

    The Millennium Arts Center will be a nonprofit (501) (c) (3) located at 65 Eye Street in Southwest Washington, D.C. The building comprises 150,000 square feet distributed throughout seven wings. The layout forms two inner courtyards and the outlying area holds three parking lots. The Center, will serve the art communities. Artists have always had difficulty finding affordable studio and rehearsal spaces or often times are displaced due to development.

    Hungry for Music

    Hungry for Music is seeking donations of used and new musical instruments for distribution to inner city children. Please contact Jeff Campbell for more information at (703)575-8551 or email at Hungry for Music is also seeking artists to perform for its monthly concerts programs at homeless shelters, children‚s hospitals, and retirement homes.

    Modern Yesterday

    Modern Yesterday‚s video for „Channel Number 2" was placed online on USGIGTV,, for viewing and came in second place among viewers for the period it was placed The group is now in the running for The USGIGTV End Of Year Contest (runs 15 Dec 1999 to 15 Jan 2000). There are 46 Bands in this „Best of the Bestš End Of Year Contest for 1999! The top 5 winners will receive prizes and enhanced USGIGTV promotions throughout the New Year!

    ebo Signs Publishing Deal

    SG Artist Management recently announced the signing of Fairfax, VA‚s ebo to an exclusive multi-album music publishing agreement with EMI Music Publishing. EMI (known for their work with Matchbox 20, Third Eye Blind, Lit, Puff Daddy, etc..) will aggressively work to place the band‚s music in film, TV, and on appropriate soundtracks and commercials. ebo‚s music has already been placed on MTV‚s Road Rules, ESPN, and will be found in an upcoming television pilot. In addition, ebo just recently released their second album titled Secret Weapon on the independent record label Mullet Records. Secret Weapon was produced by David Connelly (lead vocals) and Paul David Hager, known for his work with Grammy-winners Dixie Chicks, Bare JR, Letters to Cleo, Tracey Bonham, Megadeth, emmet swimming and Patty Griffith.

Workshops, Conferences, Showcases, Grants, Awards

SXSW 2000 Music Conference and Festival
March 15-19, 2000 - Austin, TX

The conference will begin with keynote speech by outspoken E-Squared / Artemis recording artist Steve Earle. Three days of engaging discussions will follow. Record company presidents, A & R representatives, booking agents, managers, indie labels, and journalists will discuss their role in the changing industry. During the conference there will be panel discussions, trade shows, demo listenings, mentor programs, and more. Register online at

New York Music & Internet Expo
March 3 - 5, 2000 - New York City, NY

An anticipated audience of thousands of musicians, songwriters, performing artists, music industry, new media companies, and content providers will be attending the New York Music and Internet Expo sponsored by Emusic, MuzicDepot, Sam Ash, Gig Magazine,, Spin, Vibe, and more.

Bringing new music and new media together for two days, the Expo will focus on promotional productivity for the music industry as well as securing customer loyalty to existing music industry websites in a fun, exciting, and grassroots fashion. The event features fifteen panels of industry leaders, nine keynotes, and a large exhibit hall where numerous companies will be displaying their new products, merchandise, and services. Keynote speakers include Ice-T, Thomas Dolby Robertson, Nile Rodgers, and Danny Goldberg. The Expo will be held at the New Yorker Hotel Grand Ballrooms.

The 2000 Afim Indie Awards
May 6, 2000 - Cleveland, Ohio

The Indies Executive Committee has begun search for talent for the 2000 Indie Awards Show in Cleveland on May 6, 2000. If you have an act you would like to sponsor for one of the three entertainment slots, send a cd and press kit to Mary Neumann c/o Indie Awards Show 2000, PO Box 465, Altamont, NY, 12009-0465 or contact Mary by phone at (518) 861-7037.

Emerging Artists & Talent In Music (EAT‚M)
Conference * Showcase * Festival * May 17 - 20, 2000 * Las Vegas, Nevada

This conference, showcase, and festival bridges the gap of education trends and ideas between artists and professionals in the entertainment industry. The best emerging artists around, both signed and unsigned, will appear on 14 stages along the Las Vegas Strip to showcase their talent to the countless decision makers, talent buyers, developers, recording executives, and fans in attendance. Conference details can be found by calling 702-837-3636.

Merlefest 2000

Merlefest 2000 announces stellar line-up. Bela Fleck has been added to the extraordinary talent roster to Merlefest 2000, the 13th annual festival in celebration of the music of the late Merle Watson and his father Doc Watson on April 27- 30, 2000 in Wilkesboro, NC. Those joining Doc Watson and Merle‚s son Richard will include Willie Nelson, Nanci Griffith & the Blue Moon Orchestra, Sam Bush, and more. The event will include camping, games, crafts, storytelling, jam lessons and more. Tickets for this event may be purchased at or by calling 1-800-343-7857.

Jazz Band Brawl

The Takoma Park JazzFest announces its annual band competition-'The Jazz Band Brawl'. The three finalists will play a judged, live concert on Feb. 13, the winner to be awarded a $700. set at the JazzFest on May 20th. The three judges will be Rusty Hassan, jazz historian and dj; Ray Harry, director of the prize-winning Blair High Jazz Ensemble, and Bruce Krohmer, JazzFest board member jazz discographer and Brawl originator.

Any size jazz or blues group is welcome to compete. For the preliminary round recordings submitted by contestants will be used to select three finalists. The three bands will then play 55-minute sets at the Sammie Abbott Municipal Center, 7500 Maple Ave. Takoma Park, at 2:30 Sunday Feb. 13. The festival is a free, non-profit 501-c-3 event; the Brawl is a fund-raiser, with requested donations at the door. Submit entries to: Bruce Krohmer, 6509 Eastern Ave. Takoma Park MD 20912 by Jan 31. Call 301 589-4433 or 301 891-3682 for more info.


The United States Air Force Band will be hosting some of the nation‚s top names in entertainment as they present a series called Guest Artists Series 2000. The series will take place at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC and will include such performers as Chaka Khan, Keiko Matsui, Jerald Daemyon, Dee Dee Sharp, and The String Trio of New York. The concerts take place at 3 PM on each Sunday in February and March of 2000. These concerts are free. Details: 202-767-5658.

Jazz Array, a performing arts society will present a Jazz Festival on Labor Day Weekend 2000 at George Washington University Virginia Campus. Stay tuned to details at or call 888-547-JAZZ

The Potomac River Jazz Club presents 2000 Jazz Jubilee, a benefit for the Alzheimers Association featuring traditional jazz, ragtime, and big band - great for the swing dancers. The event takes place at Radisson Hotel in Old Town Alexandria. For details, call 202-244-6636.

Washington Performing Arts Society Men, Women & Children of the Gospel Mass Choir presents „Faith in the New Millenniumš on Sunday, February 20, 2000 at 7 pm at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall.

On May 13, 2000, The Washington Performing Arts Society‚s Women‚s Committee is hosting an their Annual Gala and Auction. This year‚s special guest artist is Tony Award-winning soprano Audra McDonald, star of Broadway‚s Ragtime and currently Marie Christine. Ms. McDonald also performs on Sunday, May 14th at 7 pm at The George Washington University Lisner Auditorium. For details, visit

Beyond The Region

  • String-ywanging guitarist Catfish Keith has a new disc out called Pony Run (Fish Tail Records FTRCD006). Catfish‚s seventh solo album features a dozen fresh cuts with Keith on vocals, acoustic and National guitars and stomping feet. Special guest Radoslav Lorkovic joins Catfish for three barrelhousing piano-guitar duets. Order Toll Free: 1-888-4-CATFISH Web site: for full Fish Tail Catalog, tour dates, RealAudio soundbites, extensive articles & reviews, slide guitar secrets.
  • The new tOObizzy mc CD titled Tragic Phenomena has been released.
  • Looking for a New Way released by DIGNUS will be available for purchase on their website,

Classified Advertising

  • CD REPLICATION BY OASIS. Oasis CD & Cassette Duplication of Flint Hill, VA, offers top-quality CD replication and cassette duplication, honest pricing, and personal assistance through the life of your project. Our clients also receive national distribution via Valley Media, which means your CD appears at CDnow,, etc., and is available by special order at Borders & the other national chains. (888)296-2747; e-mail:; web: Please see our full-page ad elsewhere in this issue for complete information.

  • REAL TIME CASSETTE DUPLICATION, 20 to 2000 tapes, highest quality, low prices, fast turnaround. 100 c40, hi bias chrome, case, assembly & wrap $180. Blue House Productions 301-589-1001 or

  • SURPLUS LIQUIDATION - small fraction of retail prices. SOUNDPROOF BOOTHS - never used, $795 (retail $5000). Deluxe, for recording, music practice. Acoustic Systems, 4‚ x 4‚ x 7‚ , 4š walls, fan, light, power + phone outlets. OFFICE FURNITURE - Upscale. MORE. (703)860-4830

  • THE NEW FILM FIVE LINES is accepting music (any format) from Washington musicians to be considered for use in the film. We will contact you if your music is chosen. Send your submissions and contact info to Five Lines Film/Music, 4129 Garrett Park Road, Silver Spring, MD 20906-4829.
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